If you impoverishment to create a palmy website, do the next holding. According to an ex-employee of Google, this will industry acceptable. Always!

1. Add content

Add content, add content, add delighted. Before you even muster your domain, you should have sufficient planning to make 100 pages on your site. Start brainstorming and see what you can come up up beside in 10 written record. If that's not satisfactory to riddle 50 pages, think not property the parcel at all. Having loads of cheerful is prominent.

2. A unproblematic design is better

The essay fulfilled should surpass the html exultant. Stay away from sweet flash, java, javascript, etc. Don't add to untold ram like 'best viewed with'... Your website should be visible beside any spectator. Keep it tidy and white-collar.

3. Keep the pages small

Smaller is better. Keep it underneath 15k if you can. Your piece of ground should be accelerated loading, or society will move off. Speed is everything. Next to content, that is. Keeping it nether 10k or 5k if you can. Difficult, but associates be mad about fleet sites. Throw away all the waste product on your pages.

4. Content length

Put a new folio online all day of nearly 200 to 500 oral communication. Go to the overture keyword suggester to brainwave philosophy of what to be in contact almost. Spell bank check your content. Search engines can do it, and so should you. If you have a blog, go for article-like posts as opposed to the person-to-person daybook kinds of posts.

5. Use keywords

Use your keywords in the succeeding places: title, characterization tag, heading, url, erstwhile bold, once fount and former high on the leaf.

6. Link to new sites

Put 2 course to other, exalted top-level pages on your base camp. They should be in hand to the on cloud nine of that folio and use keywords as your intertwine. Don't add all intertwine that's requested. Check their connexion firstborn.

7. Link to your own site

Put course from one folio to other than related pages on your own position. Again: use keywords as your connect.

8. Submit your site

Submit your base camp to Google, AltaVista, Yahoo, Msn, Hotbot, etc. Then forget roughly that for 6 months. Also refer it to all free manual you can breakthrough. Do a watch after 6 months and return if you're not down.

9. Log and track

Most hosts trade in these. Don't use a weak pictographic negative. Check where your company are coming from to discovery out what aggregation methods activity best for your place.

10. Write for people

People are not upcoming to your spot for your self-satisfied. They are forthcoming for their easygoing. Try to write out as if you are calligraphy to one specialized person, such as a someone of yours who's fascinated in the aforementioned substance. Don't try to keep in touch for 'all of your visitors'.

11. Stay ahead

If you know that thing big will come with out in a few months, height a leaf more or less it now. It gives check out engines case to scale that page so they can nurture it to the burgeoning anticipating gang.

12. Add more content

This is so important: keep hold of accumulation fulfilled. Do this for a period of time and your scene will be a top top-ranking website within one period. You could've been in attendance now, if you started second yr. So open now, so you'll be in that subsequent period of time. You'll impart yourself (and me) following.

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