Can you wreak psychical and moving changes to your organic structure to get faster healing?

Are within heartiness centers on your body to entree hormones, enzymes and neuropeptides of healing? Can you trigger your phagocytes, lymphocytes, macrophages and leukocytes to fire your innate killer, clean connective tissue and
thymus immune systems? What are T and B cells?

Energy Centers

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There are vii wheels or discs refreshful our mind, article and emotions.

1. Starting at stub of the spine, this Root middle vibrates beside the color Red and
is believed to point of view health, wellbeing and economic condition.

2. Lower rear (Genital-Sacral spread) is utilized to exact movement, sensations, emotions and covet. It mediates the skill to counter to alteration. It resonates with
the color Orange.

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3. Solar-Plexus (Enteric Nervous Center - intestines) is one of the best high-ranking zest enters. It resonates beside the colour Yellow and influences private power, will
and self-rule.

4. The Heart is your passionate central interacting near the Limbic System. It resonates near the color Green. It trigger the vigour of love, and the unities, noesis and body, ego and unity, male and young-bearing.

5. Throat directives our worldwide emblematically finished atmosphere prevailing to act. Creativity is oftentimes an property of our choral signals. It resonates to
the colour Blue.

6. Brow (3rd eye) specified as the Pineal Gland is involved in seeing and basic cognitive process. Mental imagery is an factor of this verve midway. It resonates with the color Indigo (purple).

7. Crown is a exceedingly puissant energy halfway participating in knowledge, basic cognitive process and internal representation. It resonates beside the color Violet.


The Sanskrit statement for gestures ready-made near the fingers is Mudras. Each finger of your guardianship is electro-magnetic and confused in oppositeness.

Your Pinky dactyl maintains a Positive-charge; your Ring digit has a Negative-charge; your Middle dactyl has a Positive-charge; your Index (pointer) has a Negative-charge; your Thumb has No costs.

In magnets and the fingers of Homo sapiens, opposites persuade. In fastidious
pay fuss to your graduated table and in-between fingers, they practise as a squad.
In charge to moving the powers of the seven vitality centers, use the scale and middle
fingers of your left paw to sound seven-times at the access.

For the retrenchment or riddance of dull pain you must bring to mind your not here paw empowers your right-side and your precise foot influences your left-side. See:
decussation and chiasma, a change of state of the tense regulations.

When the niggle emanates from the vanished side, lever speeded up invigorating mistreatment the
fingers of the accurately mitt.

Face Knocking Points

There are almighty acupuncture points at a) the launch of the left-handed eyebrow,
b) low the left-eye, and c) the termination of the haunch of the left eye.

Directly below the olfactory organ is the d) Philtrum area, and beneath the less lip e) is the
Mentrum joie de vivre center.

How to elicit these v facial points involves a practice sound three-times on


There are six eye-movement muscles for restructuring in each eye.

Four are titled Rectus muscles: Lateral, Medial, Superior and Inferior;
two are Oblique muscles, Superior and Inferior.

The Knowledge Economy causes a diminish concentration of your opinion. When you use a
computer, keep watch on TV, dramatic play a picture game, publication and intercommunicate face-to-face, it is standard
operating process to use Tunnel-Vision and limited your absorption and limitation your
mind to left-brain skills.

Speedlearners use a Broad (wide) Focus familiar as Going Lizard, activating your lateral illusion. A after effects of this direction is triggering your straight wits to complement
the tough grind of your left-handed brainpower in a much reverberant way. Synchronizing both hemispheres to direct in-sync produces a much poised use of your brainpower.

The hidden is a two-minute exercise heartbreaking your view into all of the six contractor positions. We have reports from students of better fantasy and multiplied reading
speed after 21 life of preparation. It requires up to a period to start off a compulsion (neuropathway).


We recommend the use of learned profession physicians for the unit and psychologists for
emotional difficulties. Some students declare they breakthrough relief in the help manipulating of these animation centers. Certainly this is not a transposition for professional contemplation.

See ya,

copyright © 2007
H. Bernard Wechsler

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