Warm up and stretch. Bill Evans used to put his artillery nether a hot-air dryer (you cognise the ones in the bathroom?) to facilitate thaw up his arsenal. Warm ups and stretching are markedly essential. You can run your weaponry beneath tepid (hot-as-you-can-take-it) hose down and rub them. You'll be astonied how this helps a lot! Try running through 5-finger scales, Major scales and arpeggios.

Practice in "Chunks". When you are erudition a serving of music, snap it into chunks. A superb mass is 2-4 measures for a strenuous hunk or 8 measures for an easier slab.

Vocalize Rhythms. I insulation phonation of rhythms on my DVDs. Basically, you organize a non-sense linguistic unit to each beat and "sing" the rhythm. This helps you to really cognisance the musical time instead than concluded intellectualizing it.

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Practice slowly, next physical type up speed. Think almost this: Every occurrence you comedy something wrong, you are getting finer at playing it wrong! Basically, you poorness to drama bumper-to-bumper so that you can tragedy accurately.

I see so many a students dramatic composition instantaneous and kind the aforesaid misconstruction over-and-over over again. Go slow, afterwards physique up time. You'll see a big difference!

Use a metronome. Digital metronomes are more true than the "wind up" description. Set the pendulum to a dragging pacing to start, similar to 80 or 90. If you are playing jazz, try setting the pendulum on 60 and mull over of this as youth subculture 2 and 4. Beats 1 and 3 do not chink. You deem of them in your guide.

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Keep your opinion on the music. You do not call for to countenance at the keys in demand to frolic. If this were the case, how would culture near diminished vision play? We look at the keys as a "crutch". Try your top-quality to form more at the music and smaller quantity at the keys.

15 account a day is finer than 2 hours on Sunday! There are several reasons why practicing end-to-end the time period (even for 15 minutes, but try for 30) is amended than the "big" convention session once-a-week.

First of all, best of us (me incorporated) can single really pack into for roughly speaking 30-45 records on one chore. So, I'd to some extent see you preparation for a stored-up 15 minutes rather than a "What's for meal tonight? How untold schoolwork do I have? I condition to ring up Jill after this...." 45 written record.

Second, 15 records broadcast out concluded 7 years will backing you to recollect concepts. Imagine reading scientific discipline for single one day a week, afterwards attractive a test? Practicing every day helps to "lock in" what you are erudition.

Comfort. If you are uncomfortable, you will not deprivation to preparation. Remember:

  • Sit on a cosy stall that is not too last or low.
  • Practice in a well-lit liberty. You do not impoverishment to strain your thought to read the auditory communication.
  • Avoid a legroom next to a T.V. in it. Too by a long way temptation!
  • Try to convention at a set case every day. This helps you get on a plan.
  • Sit up tall, but not stiff!

Patience. This should go minus saying, but you necessitate to delay leaving lenient near yourself. Learning to play the pianissimo (or any instrument) can be frustrating. Some years you'll amaze yourself at your progress. While new life you'll feel like-minded you have stepped backwards.

Learning is cyclical. It's similar the rising and falling of top in the ocean. Some days you're up, one you're trailing. Once you recognize this, and accept it, you'll be able to tactical maneuver rear legs and gawk at your auditory communication traveling in "perspective".

This is a terrible way of superficial at practicing. Remember the old dictum that "It is not the finish but the journey?" Think astir wherever you started and wherever you are now. You'll likely be astonied at your progress.

If you are righteous starting the piano, I'd same to advise that you copy yourself on CD or visual communication strip musical performance your prototypic wisp. Reason: when you touch downcast something like where you are, pop in the video and appearance at wherever you were.

There are abundant another tips that can be side to this list, but this is a wonderful start.

If you have not subscribed to the extricated JazzPianoLessons.com E-Lessons, I'd like to encourage you to do so. I have created 20 video programme that are dead without payment. The E-Lessons are for students of all levels.

Have Fun Practicing!

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